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Found video, text, television screen, found plush bear, found animal trap, found exercise ball, wall painting, borrowed flashing amber light, found and altered movie poster with charcoal drawing, LED sign, remediated UHF Channel 30 audio, found commode chair, found fluorescent light, 5 colour transparencies, epoxy resin, found piping, brace ply. Dimensions variable  
dimensions variable 
This youse knows. The years travels fast. And time after time I done the tell. But this ain’t one bodies tell. It’s the tell of us all. And you gotta listen it an ‘member. Cause what you hears today, you gotta tell the newborn tomorrow. I is looking behind us now. Into history back. And I ‘members how is led us here and how we is heartfelt cause we seen what was once was. 
This installation responds to a site what most of know as the Wyndham Refuse Disposal Facility – yet it is more than a place of waste and transfer. This place contains the intangible and holds story. Memories exist of those that lived here and in the objects of its present; we imagine the the story of those who sent them here, our society and the community of its surrounds. Seen from afar, this place mirrors the You Yangs, no longer the lone hill on the horizon.
Those what had gone before the knowin and the doin of things beyond our reckonin. Even beyond our dreamin. Time counts, and keeps countin. And we knows now. Finding the trick of what’s been and lost aint no easy ride. But that’s our track. We gotta travel it. And there aint no body knows where its gonna lead. Still in all, every night we does the tell, so that we 'member who we was and where we came from...
Context: Work in response to the site of the Wyndham Refuse Disposal Facility and installed within Wyndham Gallery. 
Thank you to City of Wyndham.
2017 – 2018 / Installation / Found object / Site responsive / Commission / Residency