Cultural Thresholds
Acrylic on board, acrylic resin, thread, synthetic cloth, glass beads, found objects, wall painting 
dimensions variable 
Cultural Thresholds responds to notions of cultural dichotomy and viscerally experienced navigations across, in-between and around dualistic constructs. From this, assertions of a violence seen as inherent to binary positioning inform a series of spatial and material investigations within the gallery space. These investigations carry out expressions and responses to ideas of restrictive and liminal potentialities, based of the artists’ own narrative, as framed and experienced within a dichotomous construct. More broadly this work seeks to operate as catharsis; releasing the energy of trauma where through art, is less destructive to both the individual and each other.
Context: This work formed part of MARS Gallery's 2017 NAIDOC group show

 2017 / Group show / found object / painting / site specific / safety yellow