HD video, 16:9 mono, 1 minute 36 seconds
Working with my family’s archive, an average suburban home is featured in a manner which acts as portrait, chronicling its change over time. The house is featured this way through editing the found ‘home video’ to remove its human subjects — strangely revealing the original author. Given she is behind the lens, we barely see her, but the way she takes us through the house and the parts of it she chooses to feature tells us about her subjectivity. This new edit ‘turns the lens’ around onto the author, revealing what she feels is important to the viewer, and perhaps to herself.
2017 / Found film / Archival / Deconstructed narrative
This work has been exhibited on MARS gallery's 'MARS' Central ART LOOP (Melbourne) and as part of the Sydney Festival, Video contemporary program, both of 2017.