Steven Rhall does sweet fuck all (as Brent becomes Steve)
30 hour durational performance
This work responds to both the duration of the 'SWEET FA' event (30 hours) and the context of its setting, being the artist studios of the Trocadero Building in Footscray, Melbourne. In using one's artist space to stage or exhibit 'a work', long time friend Brent Edwards and I swapped studios. Inhabiting my former space, I figuratively relinquished all ideas of the self as artist, making no art and only carrying out 'normal' bodily functions and actions, devoid of any devices or tools other than a bed, yoga mat, waste receptacle and timer screen. This mode of being was remediated via video camera to my then current studio which Brent inhabited as he saw fit whilst contemplating notions of and adopting, my shed persona.     
2017 / Durational performance / Endurance performance / Site responsive / collaboration / SWEET FA