Thanks for being open to participating in this 2nd iteration of 'Tea' 
'Tea' first emerged (as photographs) over one day, ANZAC Day, April 25th 2015, and included as many family members as I could reach over 24 hours (the images above).
Most subjects were based in Geelong, whereas my sister and I were then based in Melbourne. Nine years later, I will carry out the same task, resulting in a new set of portraits—some portraits of the same people, some not, and some new people too who all fall under the banner of 'family' resulting in an exhibition at the Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library in October 2024.
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The portraits that come out of this year's version of Tea will form part of a larger artwork sharing both the old and new images along with other family-related content at the Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library where you'll all be invited for the opening. 
The original artwork statement FYI: 
The notion of family has been explored substantially, and it is generally accepted that families exist according to our own experience and definition. For me, the family dinner represents both the ‘coming together’ as a unit and early childhood memories.
The familiar ritual of this scene has been resurrected through making this series. I photographed four immediate generations – two generations either side of myself – each in the space, as led by each subject, to where dinner is usually eaten. Working to a particular process, all photographs were made on the same day.
This work is a response to both time and origin. It is an honouring and also a documentation of the four generations around me - one iteration of my family.
Through this grouping of portraits, I have attempted to recreate a contemporary version of a family dinner. It is time for Tea.