Documentation video of performane / instalation THE BIGGEST ABORIGINAL ARTWORK IN MELBOURNE METRO (2014) as also used in the work: BIGGEST installation (feat. Richard Bell) (2014)




Inkjet print
140 x 114 cm


English as a Second Language # 2 (2014)
Found object, mat board, chipboard
80.5 x 58 x 5 cm
Edition 1 of 1

Nook (2014)
1 min 22 sec looped video

Art Thai Project (2014)
Digital print, aluminium frame
53 x 38 cm
Edition 1 of 1

Objects used in a two hour durational performance by alter-ego 'Blak Metal 17/01/2015 Blak Metal 2 hour durational performance at Footscray Community Art Centre 17/01/2015

Found object, acrylic, screws
Dimensions variable

Aboriginal Art #1 - conversation with Judith Ryan (2014)
Found object, green ink, perspex, chipboard
Dimensions variable
Edition 1 of 1

BIGGEST installation (feat. Richard Bell) (2014)
Mixed media - looped video
Dimensions variable
Edition 1 of 1

English as a Second Language (Wominjeka) (2015)
Dimensions variable



Surviving Desire (2014)
Paper, grey lead, dowel, clips, builder’s string
Dimensions variable
Edition 1 of 1
(detail) Surviving Surviving Desire (2014)
28 min 6 sec looped video


'We Specializes in Authentic Aboriginal Art' - selected works

Catalogue Statement: For Wominjeka 2015, Rhall offers We Specializes in Authentic Aboriginal Art, a collection of new works broadly connected to Melbourne’s West – Rhall’s home and ever persistent muse. 

Appropriation of local restaurant signage gives rise to the exhibition’s title and namesake work, pointing to text’s role in both conscious and inadvertent cultural expression. Here Rhall participates further via intervention amongst the commercial landscape of Footscray – with English neither first nor last language spoken.

Working in mixed media including found object as cultural artefact, Rhall challenges notions of ‘Aboriginal Art’ – proclaiming an open-endedness in it’s contemporaneity.

With performance as both event and remediation, Rhall points to what is lost and found in communication – extending this with semi-instructional work, Art Thai Project. Working with a local portrait studio, Rhall outsources making to employee and collaborator, Nook Khemnak. Reflecting upon intent within making personal photography, Rhall rescinds authorship in creation of a new narrative.

We Specializes in Authentic Aboriginal Art considers the idea of Cultural expression, Performativity, place, and commerce. Engaging with a 'local aesthetic' and employing the tools of Advertising and other media, Rhall offers a response and documents both public, private and personal interventions.